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Maxpower Technologies Co., Limited was found in 1998, Though factory expands, at present, Maxpower has 2 industrial Zones…

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Maxpower  Battery power for yours. Anywhere.

Why Maxpower?

Longest Back-up time

1 Year Free Replacement Warranty

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Longest Life

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Low Maintenance Battery

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Heaviest Battery Weight

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High Quality Battery

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Deep Cycle Battery Structure

Best-in-Class Vent Caps
Weld System
Robust Separators
Grid Manufacturing
Paste Formulation
Rounded Corners

Powerful New Design of Grid Type

• Improves corrosion resistance by reinforcing the thickness of the grid
• Sustains power for longer
• Makes grid dimension uniform and maximises electrical flow
• Ensures internal short circuit protection by applying unique-frame

Special Additives

• 4BS (Tetrabasic Lead Sulphate) is applied to the (+) plate to improve the life cycle and maximize the capacity
•4BS (4PbO) is produced due to the reaction of lead oxide with sulphuric acid; chemical formula ‎PbSO4

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