Whats Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are designed with thicker lead plates, which have less overall surface area than their thinner SLI counterpart. Because of the reduced availability of surface area for chemical reactions, deep cycle batteries produce less current than an SLI type battery, yet they produce that current for longer periods of time. Deep cycle batteries can be discharged up to 80 percent DOD without damage depending on the model. In order to increase battery life, manufacturers recommend discharging deep-cycle batteries only down to 50 percent in order to increase battery life.

Deep cycle batteries application

Solar energy outside the Salto plant On Friday, March 15th,

the first photovoltaic solar plant in Uruguay was completed in Salto Grande Park. It will generate enough energy to

supply 200 families; although the project is small, it marks the development of

solar energy in the country. National Energy Director Ramón Méndez explained that the completion of the plant is part of the government’s energy policy, which is dedicated to local and renewable energy. “It’s hard to see that this is isolated from the rest of the energy policy, and it’s another link in the global transformation,” Méndez told Brecha, referring to changes in the country’s energy matrix.